"Enter SyncTV, which aims to deliver third-party video applications for multiple platforms without going through the process of reinventing the wheel each time a publisher wants to reach a new device. The company delivers video experiences to the PC and Mac, as well as mobile frameworks like Android and iOS. But the real key is in reaching TV screens, with apps built for connected TVs and Blu-ray players."
M6 promotes their new over-the-top video distribution service for the XBox. Pass M6 is powered by SyncTV.
"What surprised about PictureBox was just how good the quality of the streaming was through the Smart Hub. Although it isn't quite HD, colours were vivid and there was no lag in the sound. It took around 10 seconds for the movie to begin, but once it was up and running there was no sign of buffering."
"Mobile video use is exploding and will grow quickly in the years to come. Learn how three companies -- SyncTV, Brightcove, and HBO -- have leaped in to put movies and TV shows in viewers' hands."
"What's striking is how platforms like SyncTV make possible the independent commercialism of video on a massive scale. What has taken pioneering internet video producers like the TWIT Network and Revision 3 years to develop can now be replicated in a matter of days." - Serdar Yugalalp
"By using SyncTV's digital video distribution platform, DLE will instantly become an extensive service that can reach millions of US viewers through multiple digital channels including Roku set-top-boxes, Android-powered mobile devices, connected TVs, and more." - Staff Writer
"SyncTV gives [broadcasters, MSOs and telcos] quite an advantage - they don’t have to start from scratch, help them compete against some of the bigger players and keep their market as well as reach new audiences." - Rich Tehrani
"Connected device specialist SyncTV is bringing new Japanese animation shows to the U.S. and is leveraging connected devices to do so. The distribution plan allows DLE to circumvent operators and the attendant licensing negotiations that go with them. The concept looms like a specter in the wings over an industry that has seen a proliferation of Web video options." - Tara Seals
"[SyncTV's] business model is unique as partners can utilize the service and begin distributing channels or apps to a plethora of Connected TV, mobile and web-based platforms..." - Wayne Karrfalt
"Broadcasters, as well as satellite and telco TV operators, must deal with programming from all around the world made available to consumers with nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection. SyncTV, a turnkey provider of OTT TV services, has a unique perspective to address these unfolding events." - Phil Kurz