SyncTV is an open, cloud-based video distribution platform. We enable content
owners and distributers to quickly get their content onto internet connected devices. We tie together all aspects of the digital distribution process, including transcoding, content management, user management, billing, and devices.
Evolving content solutions
Video content delivery is easy on the web, but it's not easy to do well. While new technologies and platforms enable content and service providers to present content to an ever increasing viewer base, they also add a lot of complexity, making the process much more difficult to manage. Today, it is necessary to transcode for a wider variety of screen resolutions, network speeds, and video bit rates. Evolving streaming technologies add to the management confusion, even as they improve user experience.

SyncTV provides the answer to your unique encoding and transcoding requirements, making sure that you have the best possible video quality in any broadcast situation.
Extensive Device Coverage
SyncTV brings your content to connected devices, and lots of them. With the ability to white label and customize apps, SyncTV can quickly get you on to iOS and Android devices, as well as TVs and home entertainment devices from every leading manufacturer. We also work with set-top box distributors, content providers, and cable and telecom companies to enable seamless and ubiquitous video distribution. As devices flood the market at increasingly faster rates, it becomes more and more challenging for content owners and distributors to offer their library on a broad scale. SyncTV makes it easy and affordable to realize and maximize the value of your video.
Fast and Flexible Solution
SyncTV offers more than just a reliable method of distributing video content. With SyncTV, you have the flexibility to decide how that content gets delivered. We support VOD (video on demand), live streaming, and digital download in both SD and HD quality up to 1080p. We also support all the leading rights managing solutions, including Marlin DRM, PlayReady DRM, smooth streaming, and HLS.
Maximize Video Profits
Along with a rich CMS, SyncTV includes integrated device management and content merchandising, providing you with a full set of content monetization options. SyncTV enables you to offer your content by multiple level subscriptions, giving users the ability to subscribe to your entire service or specific channels within. We also support direct purchase and renting models, giving you the option to monetize each piece of content individually. Any of these methods can be used in conjunction with advertisements, which SyncTV can inject before, during, or after the video stream.
Tying it all together
SyncTV offers a turn-key solution to manage all aspects of the video marketplace. We have the means to prepare, host, and deliver your content. We can help manage your user base and make sure they can get at the content they want on the devices that have. We can handle the billing transactions and wrap it all up in a single package.